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Aringa North is an ethical farming enterprise situated

in the productive south west of Victoria near magical Port Fairy, Australia.


The vision of this family run business is to grow lamb, beef, pork, eggs and honey

in an open range, ecologically sustainable farm environment.

The goal is to eat and sell 100% authentic farm produce on demand.

We love to eat real food and we love to

share our farming philosophies with others.

Our overarching goal is to create an agricultural system that

naturally regenerates, fertilises and maximises soil life to create a sustainable

and fruitful farming environment. Our venture is built on respect

and genuine uncompromised care for our soil, our land and our animals.

We prepare whole, half or individual animal cuts as requested by the customer.

You want a full lamb for the freezer? That we can provide!
You want raw delicious honey, bottled on farm? Sure thing!
Need grass-fed eggs from open range chickens to compliment
your restaurant's reputation for natural produce?
You bet!
And how about grass fed, chemical free Australian meat, cut on spec, with a little extra natural fat for superior cooking and taste. Now you're talking!


Don't be afraid to reach out and ask us for pricing estimates and information on our offerings.

We're here to help!  Hoges & Tasha.

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Hoges. 0428 304 743‬

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1357 Hamilton - Port Fairy Rd | Port Fairy | Victoria | 3284 | Australia